Mavrovo Maximum Adventure



Resort Mavrovo this year for the 7th year is organizing one of the most challenging amateur sports events – “Mavrovo Maximum Adventure”. This event is meant for companies as a type of light team-building with a competitive character, where teams compete in adventure sports in order to be the best.

The event will be held from 27-29 May in Resort Mavrovo, and it is made up of two types of challenges: Sports Challenge and Adventure Games.




Team rules and registration


- A team of 4-6 members applies;
- The team registration fee is 20 euros per participant; 
- Each team must be registered by the company; 
- Companies can apply for more than one team; 
- A team must choose at least 4 sports in which it will compete;
 - One member of the team can apply to participate in several different sports according to the rules stated in the application; 
- Each team should participate in Adventure Games; 
- Each team decides for itself which members in which game will participate in Adventure Games;
- Each team must have at least one female participant;

NOTE: Those who have not actively (professionally) competed since 2008/2009 have the right to participate.



To register a team you need to do the following steps:

Step 1 - send an email to events@resortmavrovo․com with the note PARTICIPATION IN MMA 2022;

Step 2 - You will receive an email with APPLICATION FOR PARTICIPATION documents and information on the transaction account where you have to pay the registration fee; 

Step 3 - Carefully review the APPLICATION FOR PARTICIPATION and fill it in according to the rules stated in it; 

Step 4 - Send the completed APPLICATION FOR PARTICIPATION with the scanned receipt for payment of the registration fee to events@resortmavrovo․com; 

Step 5 - Our team will review your application and if all goes well you will receive a confirmation email to participate in MMA 2022 

Step 6 - Use the time before the event to prepare for the challenges that will surely challenge all your senses and physical abilities.

The deadline for teams to apply is May 20.



NOTE: Accommodation and food costs are not covered by the organizer, but promotional low prices will be offered for accommodation with breakfast in the Hotels of Resort Mavrovo, as well as for food at picnic spots.

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