Snow Park


Snow Park

For snowboarders and skiers interested in doing tricks on various obstacles and jumps.
Our Snow Park welcomes all who find a day of skiing or riding on the slopes lacking in challenge. All those skiers and snowboarders who are yet to experience a variety of tricks on different obstacles and kickers as well as those who are more experienced visitors in the snow park will find our setup challenging and will have a wonderful experience.  

Technical data of the snow park

-    8 obstacles (4 - intermediate level, 4 - beginner level)
-    3 kickers (3, 5, 7 meters) 

The location of the snow park is right next to the beginners slopes, close to Trifkova Koliba bar/restaurant. You have an amazing view of the lake from the park, so get your cameras ready and your skills sharpen. Share your videos and photos with us, use hashtag #snowparkmavrovo. 

For any additional information and discounts of groups, mail us at