Mavrovo Thrones

MAVROVO THRONES is the ultimate race on which we want to find the fastest man and woman on the mountain and declare them the King and Queen of Resort Mavrovo. 

Date: 04 - 07 March 2021
Start of the race: 16:30

March 8, 2021 - Coronation of the King and Queen online on the Instagram and Facebook page of Resort Mavrovo

• You can register for the race online at or at Hotel Lodge from Thursday to Sunday from 10 am to 12 noon
• The participation fee for this event is 500 denars,
• You can also pay the participation fee online at the following link

This year for the King and Queen, Resort Mavrovo provides:
- Cash prize of 500 EUR
- Seasonal ski pass for 2021/2022 season


The start of the race is from the upper part of the Galichki ski lift, then it goes to the first checkpoint which is Trifkova hut, the second checkpoint is at the beginning of the ski slope of Old Sheep ski hut, the finish line of the race is in front of the hangar, the end of the Ednosed ski slope (Mavrovo 1). 

When the participants pass the control points, it is necessary to clearly show their ordinal number written on the T-shirt itself to the controllers. The whole event will be conducted by the staff of the ski center, including the professional medical team and ski patrols. 

Mavrovo Thrones 2021

• Each participant must be 18+ years old;
• The participation fee is 500 denars;
• Each participant receives a T-shirt with ordinal number;
• Each participant must wear a helmet and appropriate ski / board equipment;
• It is strictly forbidden to use motor and mechanical vehicles (ski lift, cable car, snowmobile, snowmobile) during the race;
• Each participant must appear at all checkpoints;
• Adherence to all rules and regulations;
• If the rules are not followed, disqualification follows;
• 6 competitors are awarded, as follows:
- King
- Queen
- King's companion
- Queen's companion
- The coolest participant
- The most unusual ski vehicle.

• Everyone should follow the coronavirus protection measures.