Ahead of us is a wonderful winter season in Resort Mavrovo filled with fun, recreation and rest. One thing is certainly the most important and that is the safety and health of our guests. Therefore, strictly follow the prescribed protocols that are adopted in order to protect and act against the spread of Covid-19 virus.




Measures in the Ski Center 
    • Mandatory distance between visitors of two meters in the row in front of the chairlifts and ski lifts. Visitors are required to wear personal protective equipment - masks while riding the chairlifts and ski lifts.
    • The presence of security guards is mandatory, who will take care of keeping the order, discipline and distance between visitors and wearing personal protective equipment - masks before boarding the chairlifts and ski lifts.
    • The ski center will perform regular disinfection of the chairlifts and ski lifts.
    • A hand disinfection desk should be placed in front of each chairlift, ski lift, ticket office and in front of each ski lodge.
    • It is mandatory that the employees of the Ski Center wear personal protective equipment – masks.
Purchasing a ski pass

    • Visitors have the opportunity to purchase a ski pass with the option of online top up.
    • There must be a physical barrier between the ticket office employee and the visitor with an opening to purchase a ski pass.
    • When buying a ski pass, it is mandatory to wear personal protective equipment - a mask.
    • The presence of security guards who will take care of keeping order, discipline and distance between visitors and wearing personal protective equipment - masks while waiting in line at the ticket office is mandatory.
Ski school and renting ski equipment
    • An appointment with a ski instructor or rental of ski equipment is done online or by phone (remotely).
    • Ski instructors can give lessons (trainings) in a group of up to four people.
    • After each use of ski equipment, it is mandatory to regularly disinfect it.

Operation of the ski huts
    • The operation of the ski huts is restricted, i.e. the may operate only in an open space.
    • In the operation of the ski huts, only counter sales is allowed, with disposable utensils. 

Ski transport
 ◦ Transportation in the ski center is conducted in accordance with the recommendations and protocols for performing public transport.


Measures in the Hotel

    • It is mandatory for the guests and employees in the facility to wear personal face protection-mask.
    • Guests should access the reception individually or in a number which, depending on the size and layout of the room, prevents meetings and allows proper distance between them, and for those waiting, floor signposts or posts should be introduced to restrict access.
    • Guests should be advised on the need to report the check-out date in order to timely prepare the necessary documentation in order to reduce the time of stay before the reception.
    • Service providers should remove items that are touched by several guests, e.g. toys, magazines.
    • Along with the keys, the guest receives a flyer with protection tips and a protocol for his/her stay defined by the hotel's internal team.
    • Credit card payment as a level of protection to reduce the risk of transmitting the infection.

Measures in restaurants

    • Serving food at a buffet is not allowed.
    • It is not allowed to serve guests standing at the bar and standing tables.
    • The distance between the chairs from the adjacent tables should be from 1.5 to 2 meters.
    • By entering the restaurant the guests should provide a certificate of vaccination with 2 doses or to provide a certification of having passed covid within 45 days of infection




Recommendations for the guests
    • Consistent adherence to the instructions of the staff regarding the provision of appropriate distance, storage of luggage and clothes, the manner of providing services, use of equipment, use of toilets, payment for services.
    • Large gatherings should be restricted, with consistent respect for keeping appropriate distance.
    • Inside the accommodation facility, in addition to maintaining an appropriate distance from each other during an epidemic, use personal protective equipment - a face mask or other form of protection covering the mouth and nose (scarf, towel or similar form of protection) is also mandatory.
    • Consistent care of hand hygiene, by washing with soap and water or disinfecting after touching dirty surfaces.